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Mission Statement

The goal of the All Together Inclusive Playground and Miracle Field is to create a place for people of all ages and abilities to come together.  A place to experience the joy of play, in a safe yet challenging environment, regardless of their physical abilities or sensory issues. Outdoor play is a significant part of childhood and can promote  physical, social and emotional skills. Children develop behaviors based on what they touch, see, hear, taste, smell and how they move and position their body in space. Sensory rich playgrounds allow them to integrate and develop their senses. The more they play, the more they develop skills necessary to engage, change and impart the world around them. Families will be able to come together to interact and socialize, all while bonding and learning from each other. We hope by bringing a diverse inclusion playground that creates more equity in our community we will have a wide array of positive interactions between community members in Albert Lea and the surrounding areas.  All Together will be a place where multiple generations individuals can learn, play, and grow.


We are hoping to break ground Summer 2024.


Will be located in Edgewater Park north of the new Bay Pavillion


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What is inclusive playground equipment?

Inclusive playground equipment makes play fun for ALL! Equipment is designed specifically to engage kids of all abilities in play together.

Four important elements of inclusive playground equipment include:

  • Physical Accessibility
  • Age
  • Developmental Appropriateness
  • Sensory-Stimulating Activity

These elements combine to create an inclusive play environment for all ages and abilities and a playground that meets a wide variety of needs and interests.

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Loft - $16,595


As young children grow, they become ready for the Loft. Handrails lead them up the steps and into a world of imaginary play, with a built-in find-it game, learning activities, lower level clubhouse and so much more. You’ll find plenty of interactive elements to engage developing minds and bodies.

Market Cafe- $16,595

Market Cafe

This farmer’s market and cafe let little ones take turns placing meal orders, dining with friends, and talking about yummy food choices. Among lots of activities, kids can make pictures in the image panel, bing-bong the apple bells, and chat about food colors and tastes.

Hill Net Climber – $7,751
Rope Pull Climber – $1,942

Rollerslide w/transfer bench - $11,680

Rollerslide with Transfer Bench

Exclusive to Landscape Structures, our PlayBooster® Rollerslide brings a cool, sensory experience to the playground, and an inclusive play experience to kids of all abilities.

Chill Spinner - $2080

Chill Spinner

Take a fun spin on the Chill® Spinner or just relax in its comfortable seat. The spinning motion offers vestibular stimulation and helps kids understand centrifugal force and cause-and-effect. Textured rubber belting creates a comfortable and secure ride.

Accessible Sensory Panel Set – $18,741
Single Hill Loops – $589

We Go Round - $30,075

We Go Round

The We-Go-Round® with DigiFuse® panels is fully wheelchair accessible and allows kids of all abilities to interact in a themed environment. It can be turned from the inside or outside, allowing everyone to participate in the fun.


We Saw - $10,792

We Saw

The We-saw™ is a new take on our traditional seesaw. Its unique design and gentle rocking motion invites kids and families of all ages and abilities to participate in the fun. The We-saw is wheelchair accessible. Like all our seesaws, the We-saw provides opportunities for collaborative play and teamwork.

ZipKrooz - $26,795


Better than a zip line! ZipKrooz® brings new adventure to the playground in an exciting, safe way. It’s a long-lasting, ultra-smooth ride for kids, ages 5 to 12, and will be the main attraction on your playground. Unlike other playground zip lines, ZipKrooz is a two-way ride, eliminating the need to walk the seat back to start. With its unique track trolley system and comfortable seat suspended by a grippy, rubber-wrapped chain, ZipKrooz was engineered for exceptional quality, comfort and safety. Kids are lining up for ZipKrooz!

Rhapsody Animato Metallophone - $5,568

Rhapsody Animato Metallophone

Flat bars make up the 15 major notes on this instrument, but the sound of each still resounds. Plink, plunk out a favorite tune. Or put your musical creativity together with a friend’s and start scoring your own opus. The Animato® Metallophone is part of the Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments collection.

Rhapsody Grandioso Chimes - $7,002

Rhapsody Grandioso Chimes

Players can soar two full octaves across this extravagant instrument, striking rich tones in a major key. Fully wheelchair accessible, everyone can take part in experiencing the great musical quality. Multiple mallets accommodate both solo performances and playing compositions with friends, new and old. The Grandioso® Chimes is part of the Rhapsody® Outdoor Musical Instruments collection.

Rhapsody Tongue Drum - $2,802

Rhapsody Tongue Drum

The Tongue Drum includes six distinct notes. Users of all ages and abilities can experiment with striking different parts of the drum to create different sounds or play a tune.

Wood-grain Benches (4) - $1,095 each

Wood-grain Benches (4) - $1,095 each

Part of the Nature-Inspired Site Furnishings Collection, the Wood-Grain Bench is best paired with the Wood-Grain Recycling Receptacle, Wood-Grain Litter Receptacle, Acorn Seat and Leaf Bike Rack.

Oodle Swing - $5,571

Oodle Swing - $5,571

The Oodle® Swing provides interactive fun for oodles of kids! It’s the perfect accent for any new or existing playground – especially play spaces designed with the Evos® play system.

We-Go Swing - $31,156

We-Go Swing - $31,156

We play, we laugh, we swing! The We-Go-Swing® is a revolutionary step forward in inclusive play experiences. Designed to be integrated into the playground setting, this swing lets kids of all abilities play together and experience the thrill of swinging. With no need to transfer, the We-Go-Swing opens up a whole new world of playground fun.

Traditional Swings - $4,890

Traditional Swings - $4,890

The Single Post Swing is an affordable way to bring swinging fun to your playground! Seats with chains and fasteners sold separately.

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